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7 reasons why breakfast is the most important meal

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Why Breakfast Should Be Your Top Priority: 7 Key Reasons

A study conducted by Japanese researchers found that skipping breakfast was more connected with obesity than consuming dinner within 3 hours of bedtime. As mentioned by nutritionist Adelle Davis in the1960s, it is suggested to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. According to research, it is recommended to consume around 15 to 25% of our daily intake at breakfast.

A balanced breakfast containing ingredients takes time to break down for the distribution of energy throughout the day. It allows the metabolism to burn more calories and hence eating breakfast is a proactive way to a healthier lifestyle. In one study which analyzed the health data of around 50,000 individuals over seven years, it was found people who made breakfast the largest meal of the day had lower body mass index than those who consumed a large dinner which helped improve the quality of diet, and decrease calorie intake as breakfast foods are higher in nutrients and fiber.

A study in public health nutrition revealed a strong connection between healthy breakfasts and improved mental health in adolescents. Another study in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society found that individuals who did not eat breakfast miss out on vital nutrients such as iron, calcium, and vitamin C.

Your body gets more fiber from breakfast foods

According to American Heart Association, the average individual should eat 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day. Fiber plays an important role in keeping you stay full and preventing overeating while trying to lose weight. It provides few calories to the diet. It is found that meals richer in fiber assisted people lose more weight and improved symptoms of metabolic syndrome. For more information, read our article " Importance of Dietary Fibre".

It boosts the metabolism rate

Your body craves food in the morning after you starve for about 10 hours at night. Consuming a healthy nourishing breakfast increases the metabolism which results in faster and more effective burning of calories. For more information, read our article "How to lose or gain weight using BMR & TDEE".

Maintains balanced levels of sugar

A balanced level of sugar in the body is essential to stay productive and energetic throughout the day. Eating breakfast within two hours of waking can keep blood sugar levels stable.

It helps to stimulate the brain

Your brain requires fuel to function and breakfast can help improve mental performance, and concentration.

Promotes heart health

Individuals who skip breakfast tend to gain weight and have higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels which further raises the risks of heart disorders. It is thus recommended to focus on proteins, healthy grains, and vegetables.

It helps in managing your weight

Breakfast enables you to eat fewer calories throughout the day and helps you make healthier lunch choices which ultimately helps in maintaining your weight

You will get essential vitamins and minerals

A healthy breakfast will provide you with the minerals and vitamins your body requires to function effectively.

Final Verdict

Eating breakfast regularly is linked with healthier body weight, improved diet quality, and decreased risk of chronic diseases.

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