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Effective ways to lose 10 kgs using smart scale?

Updated: May 11, 2022

A lot of people out there might be wondering how? Is it really possible to lose weight with just a scale? Are you all curious and ready to know how just a scale can do wonders for you? I understand a lot of people think that losing weight can be a bigger challenge, but maintaining the lost weight can be an even biggest challenge. So, in this whole process, we finally give up on us to reach our health goals.

But wait, there is a saying " Nothing is impossible". With a right positive attitude, we all can meet our goals. Let me give you an example of my friend Sanika who lost 10kgs by using Lifetrons Smart Scale.

Sanika's weight loss journey - how did it start?

Sanika's weight loss journey started when she was fired from her dream job during the height of pandemic. She felt depressed, anxious and all unmotivated and turned to food. This went on for some months before her health started to take a toll. Her energy levels dropped, walking even for few minutes became challenging for her. She wanted to make lasting changes since she gained weight after having a sedentary lifestyle for a long time.

What were the challenges during her weight loss journey?

Being an emotional eater and hating exercise she would eat whatever she could grab and come in handy be it chips, cookies etc. because of her busy work schedules. She was unable to make smarter healthier food choices.

Unhealthy eating habits, sleeping at late hours, not following a proper healthy regime everything was a struggle.

Turning point.. Thus how it started!

Her incredible weight loss journey began when one of her friend suggested to get Lifetrons Smart Scale. Initially, she was reluctant to buy it. She even started questioning her friend what would a scale do to her? Her friend somehow convinced her to get one and just give it a try. Finally, after some time she did buy it.

To her surprise, the scale worked like a magic wand for her. Lifetrons Smart Scale motivated her like anything. What her friends and family couldn't do, the scale inspired her to create her own weight loss journey. By using the scale, she learned how to fit movements, correct her food habits. Lifetrons smart scale works with Lifetrons health app and it helped her record 12 vital body metrics like body fat, protein, muscle mass, hydration level and much more aspects etc. It helped her to monitor her progress and gave her real time insights whether she has reached her health goals. She was also surprised to see that her visceral fats were higher then normal range. She was now all dedicated to lose the extra stubborn fats. With a smart scale and an app too, she learnt more about building healthy food habits, calculating her daily calorie requirement with the help of body composition analysis. In one of the research done by Dr. Dori M Steinberg and her colleagues, it was observed that weighing everyday led to greater adoption of weight control behaviors and produced greater weight loss compared to weighing most days of the week.

Lifetrons Smart Scale worked as a booster right from stepping on the scale to keeping a track of her health and fitness.

What are the victories she discovered using Lifetrons Smart Scale?

Sanika gained the tools and right healthy attitude to reflect on her eating habits and thus she could beat her depression, anxiety problems. She started exercising too. Running and swimming are her favorite workouts.

Her fitness levels improved. From a sedentary emotional eater to a fit mindful eater was a turning point in her life. She lost 10 kgs in 4 months and even got back the visceral fats within the normal range.

Sanika also connects regularly with her health coach on the Lifetrons Health App who guides her on her meal plan, fitness plan and motivates her to keep staying fit mentally and physically. She regularly shares her health progress with her coach and stays healthy.

Sanika's amazing weight loss journey with the help of Lifetrons Smart Scale is what everyone should aim for. If she could do it, you too can, with little extra efforts and consistency.


Sanika's weight profile:

Starting weight: 70 kgs | Current weight: 60 kgs

Final words:

Lifetrons Smart Scale is a scale that will measure beyond your weight. A scale that understands your body and helps in tracking your health progress is definitely not something to miss. Find the perfect balance to reach your goals.

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