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8 simple tips for portion control & managing weight

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Portion control is defined as the process of being aware of the amount of food you consume and adjusting it based on its nutritional value and the goal of your food plan.

By portioning and controlling the amounts of food we consume, we can control how much food will be stored as fat. Understanding the art of portion control is essential as it's a well- known fact that when it comes to the weight loss journey, exercise has only 30 percent contribution while the rest depends on how well we manage our diets. According to the research conducted by the International Journal of obesity, it is recommended to encourage individuals to increase the proportion of foods that are low in energy density while restricting portions of high energy density foods. This can help in managing their body weight.

A calorie goal app such as the Lifetrons Health App can play an important role to help you set a daily calorie goal. The calculation is based on your age, height, weight, activity level, and diet type.

There are some tips to control your portion size which can help in your weight loss journey.

Measure food on the scale

A digital kitchen scale can be beneficial to help you understand portion size when you begin a weight loss journey. It helps us to be aware and understand what we are eating and track our calories.

Fill up on veggies

It is an excellent way to consume vegetables as they are filling and contain significantly fewer calories. They are high in fiber and rich in nutrients which is a great way to manage your weight

Drink more water

Drinking a glass of water before your meal will make you less likely to overeat. Drinking plenty of water is vital for the healthy functioning of the body as well. This will help to practice portion control efficiently.

You could use Lifetrons Health App to get reminders for your water intake.

A food diary can help

Noting down all the food and drink intake can increase the awareness of the kind and amount of foods you are eating. Journaling your calorie intake can help you motivate to make healthier choices and minimize the chances of overeating. Health apps such as Lifetrons can help you with it as you can record what you ate.

Increase your protein intake

It was reported in a study at the University of Sydney, that individuals who consumed a low protein diet reported feeling hungrier and consumed 12 percent more calories than those who consumed more proteins. Proteins help to reduce appetite and make you consume lesser calories. It will further help in losing weight and improving the body composition.

Eat your food mindfully

According to the study conducted at Harvard School Of Public Health, eating mindfully leads to enhanced psychological well-being and helps you to recognize when you feel satisfied so you stop eating. Health advisors suggest taking smaller bites and eating slowly which will help to regulate portion control.

Bring balance to the plate

Filling half your plate with salads, a quarter of your plate with lean proteins such as beans, tofu, paneer, eggs and complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, and good quality fats such as ghee or olive oil can help to estimate the macronutrient ratio for a well- balanced meal and curb you from overeating. A kitchen scale can help you as a guide while achieving your weight loss goals.

Make a diet schedule

It is beneficial to create a schedule with alarms on the phone which can help to know breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack times. This can further help in maintaining a proper weight loss goal and save you from overeating.

Be smart with smaller plates

Using a smaller plate at meals will help to reduce your calorie intake and help in your weight loss plan.

Final verdict

These powerful tips can help with portion control and manage your weight more effectively. Portion control is a quick fix that enhances the quality of life and helps prevent overeating.

Disclaimer: Blog is generated for informative purposes. Views expressed in the blog are personal and belong to the author of the blog. Lifetrons is just publishing it on behalf of the author.

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