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Updated: May 20, 2022

Mothers are always running around doing all the tasks for their families. They usually put their health second to their children. To be a mother is to perform various roles right from being a housekeeper, shopper, budget keeper to a cooker and the list just keeps unending for her. A mother is a keeper of the house and is the real investor for her family.

Whether you're a stay at mother or a working mother, healthy hacks that I will be sharing will definitely work amazingly for you.

I would like to cite the story of my mother who started gaining weight 2 years back because of inconsistent eating habits. She gained 7 kgs and she wanted to come back to her original weight. Meanwhile, one of my friend suggested Lifetrons health app and scale to us. My mother started using it and within 3 months she lost 10 kgs.. how? The health scale together with the health app helped her gain a clearer vision about her health data right from her fat levels, protein level to hydration level. She could now plan her diet, calculate her daily calorie requirement. Her inconsistent eating routine was now set back to correct timings with the help of incredible health advisors who inspired her to reach her goal.

I will now be sharing few healthy living hacks for all you busy mother's to help you stay fit

Tip 1

Schedule your time for fitness:

Whether you love your body or not, your body can create an important impact on your emotional and mental health. Making time for just you is a powerful way to practice self care.

Whether it is going to the gym, swimming or simply performing yoga in your house, it is the best way to focus on your health. Staying healthy and fit can be challenging when you try to navigate work, mother like all at once.

However, searching a few gaps throughout your day for exercise is a matter of determination and creativity. Finding it tougher? We have a powerful solution for your problem. Lifetrons health app allows you to track your fitness progress, helps track your fitness regime by yourself or under the guidance of the health coaches who can advise you on different exercise options while being at your comfort of your home.

Tip 2

If you can measure, you can manage

If there is one way to really monitor your progress and stay motivated, its by tracking your exercise and day to day meal. I understand it can sound like a big time work. Nothing to worry about! Lifetrons smart scale together with the health app will help you go long way in monitoring your health progress.

The health app allows you to log all your meals, your daily fitness routine and help you keep a track with specific goal you want to achieve under the coaching of our powerful health advisors. You will be able to see real time insights whether you have reached your targeted aim. Plus, you will get a health report card of your health parameters like fat and protein.

Tip 3

Your diet matters

The food you eat plays an important role on your overall health. There is a proverb which says " Food has the power to heal us. It is the most potent tool we have to help prevent and treat many of our chronic diseases " holds true. It is better to eat healthier and be the best healthy version of you.

We all tend to eat junk food because of our busy work schedules and do not watch what we eat. From being our time tracker to looking after our dietary needs, our mothers also might feel to have a motivational guide in her life. Right?

Lifetrons health app has everything that she needs from calculating her daily calorie requirements to modifying her meal plans under the advice of health coaches. The health coach can guide on adopting some healthy meal plans and encourage her to keep progressing until you reach your health goal.

Tip 4

Hydration is the key!

Hydration for health is essential. However, the amount of water each women needs differs. The hydration level depends on factors which changes with your activities, age and environment.

Exactly knowing how much water you need each day will keep your body working efficiently.

With Lifetrons smart scale and health app at your rescue, it is possible to monitor your hydration level. It notifies you throughout the day to keep you properly hydrated which keeps a log of your water level.

I hope these healthy hacks are a perfect smart solution to stay happy, healthy and glowing.

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