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How to lose weight and become fit? Challenging question right? Many diet plans leaves you feeling hungry that makes it difficult to follow them, no matter how innovative they are. Being obese can lead to various health issues namely diabetes, hypertension and many more. However, following a sustainable diet plan and including exercise can work amazingly which will result in lesser cravings and ultimately weight loss. Science shows the most successful goals are Smart - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. It is one of the most effective tool to set a weight loss goal and helps in sustaining it for a longer term.

Losing weight is challenging for many, with the common culprit of its difficulty being hunger and not satisfied, the two factors which are often inherent to many diets. Paired with slow outcomes and inefficient management of metabolism, these diets become not only a psychological nightmare but a lifestyle which is difficult to manage and achieve. But, there are some simple scientific steps one can follow to lose weight in a consistent way.

Step 1

Know your body metrics for improved weight loss

The first step is to get a realistic picture of your overall body. It is an excellent idea to consider talking to your health advisor or Dietitian. They can evaluate your height, weight and explore other related health conditions if you have if any. Body composition can serve as a measuring tool as it measures your current health and fitness progress. It lets you know the shifts in your body fat and muscle mass. You can either calculate your BMI, WHR ( waist hip ratio), BMR on internet freely, Calculate Your BMI - Standard BMI Calculator ( to record your body parameters or use Lifetrons Health App & device which can record all body metrics automatically.

With a good understanding of body composition, one can develop a complete health assessment monitor body fat and muscle growth to define diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

Step 2

Set smart eating plan for the best weight loss results

Good nutrition is an important part for leading a healthy lifestyle. A healthy eating plan provides the body the nutrients it requires every day while staying within your daily calorie goals for weight loss. Our bodies must be fed with correct nutrition in order to achieve its optimal performance. Its all about eating a balanced nutritious food. A balanced diet of 50% good carbohydrates, 20% good fats and 30% proteins will help you in maintaining a healthy weight.

Cooking at home will provide you more control over ingredients and portion size. Thus, it is important to cook at home rather than eating out. A lot of people prefer to use kitchen scale because it helps with calorie counting and helps with portion size. Lifetrons Health App has a huge food database with nutritional values which can be used to monitor your food goals.

PROTEINS: The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition has mentioned having proteins in your meal helps to improve metabolic health and help boost calorie expenditure to a significant level.

FATS: Including good source of fats such as ghee, olive oil in your meal plan increases lean body mass and boosts overall metabolism process to burn excess fat and aids in weight loss ultimately.

Step 3

Set smart exercise plan for ultimate weight loss results

Obtaining the right amount of exercise benefits all the aspects of our health. Regular exercise helps control weight and enhance the mental health and overall strength of your bones and muscles. There is a saying called "Every small steps in the right direction counts". It's important to remember that small amount of physical exercise is beneficial to give a positive health benefit. A healthy balance between muscle and fat is essential for health and wellness.

It is very difficult to understand whether you have lost fats or muscles simply by exercising based on your daily fitness regime. One way to understand is by using Lifetrons Smart Scale which can help to know whether you have lost weight or gained muscle mass effectively.


Achieving and maintaining your weight is definitely not an easy task. That's when these 3 scientific steps can serve as a powerful guide to empower you to start positive health journey.

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